since I own this web site and just let if go dormant, I woke it back up just to say the following :D


My name is Wayne William Baird

I live at 14 marseilles St, Ritz Condo APT 2c, san juan, pr, 00907

my email is Chollirem@hotmail.com

my phone number is 787 222 9657


So now you have seen video proof the video is mine as shown here
and Exhibit A which point out both my face, and the war wound on my right arm, over and over and over

now you have seen that I own the web site that the video points to in the following video (which is the one that was stolen).


I am giving you legal authority to contact Brave Net, and site this web page as proof of authority to find out how long I have Had this web site, when it went up, who owned it. This also means you now have a thrid party who can also say "this guy proved who he is by paying us money via credit card!"
BRAVE NET DOES NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO GIVE OUT MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER, or other personal information out side of my name, address, and phone number.

when I was with clickbank my hop link was "verifyhtm" (I was at 29127 violet drive, big pine key fl, 33043 at the time) later moved to 29136 violet drive across the street. Now you have yet MORE proof I am who I claim to be and yes this thief forced me off click bank by false flagging my videos till I had to go find other work, but we both know that didn't work to well for him did it? here is a product I sold for click bank


With all of this, I will be forced to assume click bank will now inform me in writing via email that Zlatko Panev's hop links will not be reinstated.


Any Questions?